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12-13 Aug., 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina 中文
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China-Argentina Crop Protection Seminar           
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Time: 2018 August 10

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Main issues
1 introduction of new regulations on pesticide management in Argentina - Argentina SENASA
2 set up tax and fee policies in Argentina, pesticide related taxes and fees policy - local law firms
3 discuss the question of answer
Participants: SENASA, CIAFA, local law firms, and China's agro chemical enterprises.

Argentina agro market seminar in the afternoon
Main issues
1 China pesticide industry and the trade analysis of Chinese agrochemicals
2 introduction of local pesticide market and distribution channel in Argentina - Cámara de la Industria Argentina de Fertilizantes y Agroquímicos(CIAFA)
3 pesticide market analysis and entry strategy in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay
4 introduction of the agricultural situation in Argentina
5 interactive communication between enterprises


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