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12-13 Aug., 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina 中文
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Why Attend?

As the ninth largest market in the world, Argentina has more than 1 billion 600 million dollars of pesticide sales in 2016. The planting area of local crops is estimated to be 33 million hectares, and soybean, corn and grain are the main crops with an area of more than 30 million hectares. In 2017/2018, the planting area of soybean is over 18 million hectares, the planting area of corn will reach 5 million 400 thousand hectares, the planting area of the crop is expanded, the herbicide glyphosate, and 2, will be cultivated in the fallow period. The sales of 4-D and paraquat will rise somewhat. In 2017, the growth rate of agricultural products in Argentina was more than two figures; Fertilizar, a local agricultural group, had also made a judgment, and Argentina fertilizer sales will increase by 8% to 3 million 900 thousand tons over the previous year. As China's fourth largest destination for pesticide exports, China exported 66 thousand and 900 tons of Argentina in 2017, 321 million US dollars, an increase of 17.2%.
At the end of November 2018, the group of twenty Summit (G20) will be held in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. The convening of G20 will bring new opportunities and vitality for the development of local economy. In the new era of G20, the Argentina market is worth the relayout of Chinese agro enterprises.
In order to promote the exchange between China and Argentina agro industry, I will organize the 2018 China Argentina crop protection symposium with the Argentina famous consulting company WECAN AGRO, which will be widely invited to the Argentina pesticide management department SENASA, the Cámara de la Industria Argentina de Fertilizantes y Agroquímicos (CIAFA), the local importer, the confecting dealer, and the distributor The farmer took part in it.


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